Out of suffering can emerge the strongest of souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars.

Leave YOUR darkness behind.
It is our intention to help as many victims as we can therefore proceeds from the sale of the 'SILENT AMONGST US' will be used to set up a trust to help all victims deal with their issues.



HOW ? With E.M.D.R.

Disturbing events can be stored in the brain in an isolated memory network. This prevents new learning from taking place as the old material just keeps getting triggered over and over again. In another part of your brain, in a seperate network is most of the information you need to resolve it - its just prevented from linking up to the old stuff. Once we start processing with E.M.D.R. the two networks can link up. The link up of the two networks means the assimilation of painful material can be put in its proper perspective - which is that it belongs in the past. Reguardless of how disturbing the emotions might be as they come up, nothing negative is being put in - instead, it is being released. E.M.D.R. is expensive and therefore the offer of it as a counselling method is limited. 
Hopefully together we will change this. 
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