About The Silent Amongst Us

The silent amongst us is a truely inspriational book which has been written to help others. It is a real life account of the most darkest of journeys using the actual transcripts from a revonlutionary counciling method known as E.M.D.R. As the memories were unlocked, a new chapter emerged enabling the reader to be a part of the journey. INCEST is the most heinous of betrayals and the frankness, honesty and sometimes humor in this book mean it stands alone in its genre.


When a person suffers extreme trauma the brain locks the memories away because facing them can prove impossible to some people. The victim can become trapped in a vicious cycle of depression, anxiety and can turn to drugs/alcohol as a coping mecognisim. This cycle continues ruining there life by turning it into a mere existence. E.M.D.R. which is currently used to treat our armed forces suffering from PTSD - has proved succesful in unlocking these deep routed memories thus allowing the victim to regain control of their life.




Exclusive Interviews

Closer Magazine


It was my first interview and although traumatic - in order to help others, i knew i had to do it.

The World Face - España


As the sister in law of T.V presenter in Spain and ex footballer Michael Robinson, The World Face translated the interview for their spanish  followers.

U.S. Gladiator Storm


Friend and confidente takes time out of her busy schedule to privately tweet me after reading my book.

At the request of Amazon please find direct link to THE SILENT AMONGST US.


The World Face


A huge thanks to Alberto who read my story and continues to promote it to the rest of the world.